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Our especially special cats

As we do not want to "hide" our neutered cats we will show them here. They keep their spot in our home and in our harts, although we only have them for the joy of having them around.

We try to keep our cats with us as long as possible although sometimes it is necessary to rehome one. After neutering there place in the picking order is different and sometimes this is so difficult for a cat that rehoming is the only option.

But ... our cats are our "hobby" and we want to give them a good and loving home as long as it is a responsible option.

Moncha Vaskebjorn ( Moncha )

Bonfires Cookie Monster ( Cookie )

Dynamicats Banshee ( Banshee )


Lara Coon ( Lara )

Dynamicats Vanessa Mae ( Voodoo )

Duvessa Vaskebjorn ( Duvessa )










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