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About .....Vaskebjorn a Maine Coon Cattery since .... 1992 

We are a small cattery in the center of the Netherlands. In 1992 we got our first Maine Coon and in 1995 our first litter was born.

Our cats are living together with us and our dogs in our house. They also have the complete garden to play in. Of course we have a fence around our garden and a net over it to prevent the cats from getting somewhere where we do not want them, under a car for example.

Two of our boys are living in our third floor studio, which also happens to be our bedroom. They have their own 18 sqm outside playfield, which is also completely surrounded by a fence. The two guys are completely happy up-there and actually have no interest at all to come down. They like their lives as retired tom-cat in senior-city.

Besides our cats we also have three dogs. There are two Weimaraners and one Australian Shepherd. But in real live they see themselves just as very big cats and our cats say the same of course. 

Our cats and our dogs are also very well protected by veterinary clinic Labes. We are already with this clinic for 15 years now (2009) and we find it the best vets around. They always will go the extra mile and we think that is essential for a veterinary clinic, especially when you have a lot of cats (and dogs) and also from time to time have a litter. 











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